Daycare & Day boarding

Let your dog play hard while you work hard! 

We are here to provide a play outlet for your pups during quarantine! 



A fun-filled day for your pet to burn excess energy.  Includes selected group playtime with other compatible dogs. Dogs over 6 months of age must be altered to take part in group daycare activities.  New dogs will have to schedule a meet and greet with a daycare specialist prior to joining the program. We have more activities such as:  Fetch, bubble time, and wading pool time! Dirty dogs get a rinse off before going home (included) or you can schedule a Bath & Brush for your pup after daycare to take home a perfectly fresh pooch! (Bath & Brush prices listed on the grooming page)

Daycare is $20 per day. There are packages available, listed below, that provide varying discounted rates depending on the package purchased.

Monday-Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 7am-2pm

day boarding

A day filled with plenty of individual attention and exercise/play with our loving staff instead of group play with other dogs. This is for dogs that are either not a good fit for group play situations or for dogs that are over 6 months of age and not yet altered. The dogs will spend the day doing varying activities including: playing, fetch, cuddling, and going on walks. There is no need for a meet and greet to attend day boarding as your dog(s) will not be interacting with other dogs.

Day Boarding is $20 per day.

Monday-Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 7am-2pm



Please submit vaccinations to include: Rabies and DAPPv and Bordetella (We require the Bordetella every 6 months).

Due to a new law we can no longer contact your vet requesting any medical information (including vaccinations) without your written consent to your vet. 

Daycare Packages

10 days 

10 day pre-paid doggie daycare package (10% discount).

Adds up to 1 FREE day of Daycare! 

1 FREE Bath & Brush service included with your package.

Packages cannot be refunded or used for other services. 

20 days

20 day pre-paid doggie daycare package (15% discount).

Adds up to 3 FREE day of Daycare!

1 FREE Bath & Brush service included with your package.

Packages cannot be refunded or used for other services. 

Play Schedule

As dog lovers, we want your dog(s) to be as happy and relaxed as possible while visiting us!  We get to know each dog and their particular play style which is the purpose of the initial Meet & Greet. If your dog seems to prefer playing alone with a ball/frisbee we will let you know. We want you to know that is PAWfectly fine if your dog does not enjoy spending time with other dogs or grows out of daycare and prefers solo play (fetch)! 

7am-9am: Waiting on all daycare dogs to arrive for the day. Breakfast can be served if needed prior to playtime. 

9am-10:30am: Doggie daycare and fetch sessions! 

10:30am-11:30am: Nap time in personal lodgings indoors and lunch time for those that brought it. Lunch is usually served around 11am

11:30am-1pm: Back to playtime! 

1pm-2:30pm: Another mental break from playtime in their own personal lodgings indoors. 

2:30pm-4pm: Back out for playtime before having to get ready to go home! 

4pm-6pm: Rinse off dirty dogs and scheduled baths for daycare dogs being picked up.